Our Product

Get a quick overview of all Electricity Maps’ product features.

Data Properties

Carbon Intensity

Get access to the carbon intensity (in gCO2eq/kWH) of electricity consumed in a specific region, which takes into account the life-cycle emissions of electricity production.

Power breakdown

Get insights into the production and consumption breakdown of electricity by power source (e.g. gas, solar).

Hourly granularity

We deliver data at an hourly resolution, to reflect the variation in grid emissions throughout the day.


Using our peer-reviewed flow-tracing methodology, we accurately trace back the true origin of electricity by accounting for imports and exports.

Historical Data

See the grid’s past

Get access to a comprehensive database of carbon intensity and power breakdown data going back up to 5 years depending on the region. Electricity Maps provides historical data at granularities ranging from hourly to yearly depending on your needs.

Frequent updates

We continuously validate and update our historical data to make sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date data available.

Estimations for any missing hours

We continuously run our estimation pipeline to identify gaps and compute estimates for any missing hours. This way you can trust that we always have a value for all hours.

Real-time Data

The real-time grid

Get access to the real-time carbon intensity and power breakdown to engage your users, and take better informed decisions. Our real-time data platform continuously processes the most up-to-date data from our sources. Our internal estimation models further ensure completeness of our real-time data, even if some of our data sources are unavailable.

All our real-time sources provide electricity data at a subhourly frequency with less than 2 hours of delay.

Live visualization

Our open-source app visualizes grid data from across the world in real time. Check it out.


Optimize your electricity consumption

Our forecasts can be used to make carbon-informed decisions—both for your company and your end-users.

Machine learning

Our forecasts use machine learning algorithms trained on a wide array of data, such as production, price, and weather data.

24-hour ahead forecasts

Get access to forecasted carbon intensity and power breakdowns 24 hours in the future.

Frequently verified and updated forecasts

All our models are monitored and frequently retrained to reflect changes in the grid.

Why use Electricity Maps

Broad Data Offering

Electricity Maps offers a broad range of data including carbon intensity and the full power mix of electricity consumed in a region—all available historically, in real-time, and as forecasts.

Global Coverage

We offer data for more than 200 regions and 50+ countries worldwide. We are continuously expanding our geographical coverage, to continue providing the most comprehensive data on the world’s electricity.

Quality and Transparency

With leading domain expertise and a dedicated global community of contributors, we offer the most accurate and highest-quality data. We continually work to improve data quality and ensure maximum transparency in the process through our open-source and scientific approach.

Client Stories

Learn more about how our clients and partners use our data, and hear what they have to say about Electricity Maps.

Discover How Google is Reaching Its Sustainability Goals With Electricity Maps

Driven by ambitious sustainability goals, Google’s Climate Operations team partnered with Electricity Maps to reduce its carbon footprint and enable other companies to do the same.

Google uses the data for
Load shifting
24/7 carbon-free energy reporting
Partner engagement

Reel is rethinking electricity procurement, and Electricity Maps is a fundamental part of the process

Reel transforms the procurement of sustainable energy for companies. With 24/7 data from Electricity Maps, Reel enables companies to truly take action against climate change

Reel uses the data to
Enable companies, of all sizes, to accurately monitor and track their CO2 emissions
Make 24/7 data easily accessible and actionable
Ensure accuracy and effectiveness of electricity procurement

Spirii empowers consumers and businesses to reduce the emissions of EV charging

Spirii is an EV charging and business management platform that allows businesses to offer seamless charging experiences.

Spirii uses the data to
Drive this green transition within the mobility industry
Provide users with information about the environmental impact of the charge
Enable users to see CO2 emissions and sources of electricity for each hour of the day (24/7)

FlexiDAO enables companies around the world to drive impact by truthfully procuring energy

FlexiDAO supports companies, energy buyers, suppliers, and consultants in guiding them in their transition from buying yearly energy certificates to 24/7 energy matching.

FlexiDAO uses the data
As an integrated part of their SaaS solution
To track relevant KPI’s for companies to become net zero
For companies to monitor and track CO2 emissions accurately