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Reel is rethinking electricity procurement, and Electricity Maps is a fundamental part of the process

Reel is a start-up that transforms the procurement of sustainable energy for companies. With 24/7 data from Electricity Maps, Reel enables companies to truly take action against climate change.


Green electricity is not always green

When deciding where to procure electricity from, numerous offers advertise green electricity that promises to reduce carbon emissions. Most of these are based on so-called certificates of origin - a method that tracks and claims the right to already produced green electricity.

This method can be complicated and opaque, which often leads companies to believe their contribution is additional, meaning that it adds new renewable electricity to the grid when, in reality, it does not.

Reel aims to support and empower all companies to make a real difference in the fight against climate change, by adding new renewable electricity by means of their procurement. Reel is an electricity provider offering multi-offtake PPAs (power purchase agreements) aimed at simplifying the process, making it accessible for companies of all sizes, and ensuring that it is financially attractive to procure sustainable energy.

“Everything we do has to be rooted in a scientific approach to electricity procurement. So, if we can’t accurately quantify the impact of what we are doing, we are sort of taking a shot in the dark. Therefore, it is important to us that we have accurate data with hourly granularity across a large range of bidding zones”.

Christian Randløv Schmidt

Co-founder & CTO at Reel


Transforming the procurement of sustainable energy for companies

Reliable data is the key

In order for Reel to develop and maintain its solution, 24/7 data on energy production, consumption, and CO2 emissions is needed. Without granular data, it is challenging to measure the actual impact, and the effectiveness of the procurement will decrease.

Reel became aware of Electricity Maps in 2020 and while building their product, different collaboration opportunities were explored.

Electricity Maps methodology and transparency were some of the main reasons why Reel decided to engage with the Electricity Maps API from an early point on. As also the granularity of the data was aligned with the needs identified by Reel the data has become an essential part of Reel’s product offering.

A reliable data source

Electricity Maps data allows Reel to unlock and scale the potential to transform PPAs.

Incorporating the data as part of Reel’s solution empowers companies to navigate accurately towards using more sustainable energy with a positive climate impact.

“We are extremely happy with the product. The Electricity Maps API is reliable with a high level of accuracy.
The data Electricity Maps provide is a crucial part of the foundation of our company”.

Christian Randløv Schmidt

Co-founder & CTO at Reel


An evolving partnership

Increasing visibility of companies’ electricity CO2 emissions

Today, Reel is continuously developing its product further to offer more companies the opportunity to empower change and offer a variety of impactful solutions. Currently, a platform is being developed where customers can get insights into their consumption as well as insightful financial and sustainability metrics.

With the integration of the hour-by-hour emissions data by Electricity Maps, the platform will increase the visibility of a company’s emissions.

Global expansion

With clear global ambitions, Reel needs a partner that can support its expansion with granular data that is available globally. For this, Electricity Maps data, available in over 150 zones and standardized across all regions, fulfill these requirements.

Besides the global expansion, Reel envisions offering multiple PPAs to build a 24/7 carbon-free energy portfolio for companies struggling to reach their climate goals with other electricity providers. Electricity Maps data will support Reel in this vision
by offering 24/7 carbon data.

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