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Driven by the urgent need to get rid of all fossil fuels, the world is in the midst of the most profound transformation in humankind's history.

We envision a world where energy is provided by fossil-free electricity, every second of the year.

Electricity Maps' mission is to enable a data-driven decarbonisation of electricity.


The history of
Electricity Maps

Founded in 2016

At the beginning of 2016 Founder and CEO Olivier Corradi became obsessed with how data could act as a catalyst to put humanity back on a sustainable path. Climate change is a major issue - and also an extremely complex issue to solve.

As we know, climate change is predominantly caused by fossil fuels being burned for energy. A key piece of the solution is to electrify the world, but when electricity is produced by fossil fuels, it does not make a difference.

In a world that is increasingly becoming electric, there is a need for transparency and accurate information on electricity consumption, CO2 emissions, and the actual carbon footprint of electricity consumed.

A vision towards a truly decarbonized electricity system

As wind and solar production fluctuate throughout the day, this information needs to be dynamic and updated in real-time. As this real-time information about the physical origin of electricity will be scrutinized and challenged by many parties, the effort has to be collaborative, open, and transparent.

This is what motivated the creation of Electricity Maps. It started as a simple real-time data visualization in June 2016 and turned into a comprehensive data platform with high scientific integrity.

More than 40,000 people use our app on a daily basis and market leaders like Google and Microsoft, are using our API for extensive projects in order to reach their climate goals and help their users take action against climate change.

Our goal: a truly decarbonized electricity system. To get there, we will organize the world's electricity information, and use it to drive the transition toward a truly decarbonized electricity system.

Introduction to Electricity Maps

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We are a group of practical idealists - trying to do what’s right and what’s possible. For us this means using our talents, our time and ambitions to help reduce our collective impact on climate change.
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