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Empowering EV Drivers and Businesses to Make Sustainable Decisions with Electricity Data

Spirii partnered with Electricity Maps to create a unique product offering for businesses and EV drivers.


Empowering EV drivers to charge sustainably

Spirii is a platform as a service that helps organizations build, operate, monetize, and scale their eMobility business. Their mission is to develop and offer a tech-leading charging solution platform that makes it easy for partners to unlock eMobility opportunities and ensure a seamless charging experience for EV drivers. To achieve this, the innovative start-up enables both businesses and EV drivers to drive the green transition within the mobility industry by offering data about charging electric vehicles.

Spirii is a white-label platform that allows businesses to offer seamless charging experiences. Businesses are able to choose from a large variety of data sets, services, and integrations in order to build their personalized EV charging offering. Through this, Spirii offers a wide variety of insights from localizing the nearest charging station and identifying opening hours to reporting pricing data and displaying availabilities.

In addition to these insights, an important part of Spirii’s mission revolves around enabling users to charge their EVs sustainably. To drive this green transition within the mobility industry, Spirii aims to show businesses and users information about CO2 emissions. By providing insights into the environmental impact of the charging process, sustainable decisions can be promoted. For this, accurate and reliable data is fundamental and for this Spirii partnered with Electricity Maps.

“Accurate and reliable data is crucial for us, in order for our partners and EV drivers to take sustainable decisions. Electricity Maps data just fit like a glove for us. The data they provide is transparent and comprehensive.”

Cosmin Almajanu

Senior Product Manager @ Spirii


Reliable data on electricity
sources and Co2

An integral part of Spirii’s platform

Spirii and Electricity Maps both joined the FUSE project which is aimed at supporting an efficient and smart charging infrastructure for the municipality of Frederiksberg, Denmark. Through this, the partnership between Spirii and Electricity Maps began.

Through the project, Spirii gained access to an expansive range of data that is easily scalable and drives actionable decisions. Electricity Maps data quickly became an integral part of Spirii’s platform and helps showcase reliable and transparent data to users.

Environmental impact through smart charging

Through this data, users are able to access information about the environmental impact of their charge by seeing the CO2 emissions for each hour of the day as well as the sources of electricity charging their cars.

Today, businesses use historical and real-time data to provide their users with innovative insights into the environmental impact of their past charges.

In addition to that, the forecast data, predicting the carbon intensity as well as the consumption mix for the upcoming 24 hours, enables businesses to incentivize a changed charging behavior. By charging EVs at times with the lowest carbon intensity, a valuable step towards reducing the environmental impact of EVs can be made.

Scaling an EV platform with
electricity data

Today, Electricity Maps data is an important part of the foundation for making sustainable decisions easily accessible to EV drivers. The features that integrate Electricity Maps data to spread awareness about the environmental impact of EV charging have already received positive feedback from businesses and users.

The eMobility field is evolving constantly and Spirii is growing rapidly. As a fast-growing company, Spirii needs a partner that supports its scalable solutions and is an important enabler for multiple features within its product suite.Going forward, Spirii will continue to grow its product suite and expand on a global scale. Electricity Maps is happy to be a trusted partner for Spirii and support the innovative and fast-growing company with granular data across countries.

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