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Greenly and Electricity Maps join forces to drive more accurate carbon accounting

Greenly is one of the world's first Carbon Footprinting solution. To make carbon accounting more actionable for its clients, Greenly actively uses average carbon emissions data from Electricity Maps.


Make carbon accounting actionable 

Greenly is a carbon accounting platform helping companies understand and monitor their carbon emissions, as well as develop full climate strategies to reduce emissions. The platform is built to digitize carbon accounting processes, and enable large as well as small companies to do their carbon accounting in a fast and accurate way.

To meet their mission, Greenly offers a unique approach to carbon accounting, with a fully automated platform to easily and quickly reduce their carbon footprint, supported by climate experts.

Greenly has always been using publicly available electricity data (yearly averages) to assess GHG emissions linked to energy. Electricity maps data allows to drastically refine the in-depth analysis of these emissions.

Especially when working with green IT analysis, challenges occurred in identifying concrete action points. The yearly data was useful in seeing the overall state of scope 2 emissions, however, it became challenging to pinpoint concrete areas where organizations could drive true impact.

As big tech companies are using powerful servers with large carbon emissions, the carbon accounting process for these needs to include different information such as the location of the data center and time of the day. These need to be taken into account to unlock further insights and action points.

"We are confident with the results we show companies when using the Electricity Maps API. The level of granularity provides us with accurate and actionable data - and that is not the case with yearly data"

Quentin Bourhis

Climate Expert at Greenly


Granular data improves accuracy

Reliable data is the key

Greenly needed real-time location-based granular data to make more accurate carbon accounting for its clients. Greenly worked on a green IT project with a large organization where cloud computing and large servers played an essential role in their carbon accounting. Therefore, many factors came into play in tracking, monitoring, and reducing emissions. Through this project, Greenly discovered Electricity Maps.

With the Electricity Maps API, Greenly is able to get to the next level of emissions measurements across facilities and entities. This empowered Greenly to refine the data and tailor action plans to individual companies based on the newly collected emissions data. It got access to more accurate, real-time, carbon emissions allowing for better data-driven decisions.

Scope 2 analysis and reporting

Greenly uses the data for Scope 2 analysis and reporting. It uses the data to create overviews of electricity consumption and production, along with carbon emissions.

These reports ultimately help companies visualize their carbon emissions KPIs and reach their sustainability goal.


Future collaboration

Electricity Maps has become a key part of Greenly’s offering, and they continuously use the data to help their clients reach their sustainability goals.

Additionally, Greenly is working on new tools and initiatives with Electricity Maps, to make it even more actionable and easy for clients to do carbon accounting and other reporting. 

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