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Monta and Electricity Maps partner in creating a sustainable future for EVs

Monta empowers users and businesses to make informed decisions about the use of more sustainable energy sources for electric vehicle operations - having enabled over 70k greener charges already.


Make the transition to electric mobility as seamless and exciting as possible

Monta is a global operating platform that powers the EV ecosystem by providing an integrated software solution serving drivers, companies, cities, and the electricity grid. Monta aims to provide leading technology solutions impacting the entire EV charging cycle.

By offering a comprehensive toolkit for businesses they enable fast scalability and adaption of the available charging infrastructure. Along with a business-oriented platform, Monta offers a mobile app for its users that enables individual EV drivers to find the nearest available charger as well as take full control of their home charging point.

In order to accelerate and democratize the adoption of EV technology, Monta developed its SmartCharging solution offering users to optimize their charging behavior. For this, it needed granular carbon emissions data offered by Electricity Maps.

“Electricity Maps' data is used for up to one-third of all EV charges on our entire platform. This means that our partnership is not only important to us but also to a large chunk of our customers.”

Jonathan Tari

Senior Product Manager


Enable users to create an impact with their charging behaviour

To take a step forward in Monta’s mission of playing a part in the green energy transformation and reducing the carbon emissions in the EV charging experience, Monta partnered with Electricity Maps to retrieve granular forecast data. Electricity Maps data is integrated into the SmartCharging algorithms to allow users to optimize based on the carbon intensity of the grid or the share of renewables available.

By integrating with Electricity Maps data, Monta can use the forecast data to predict, optimize, and reduce the carbon emissions of each charge while improving the user experience of its users. The ability to retrieve data for multiple countries across Europe in just one standardized API has been highly valuable as Monta scales its operations across countries.

empowering users

charging sessions optimized for
low carbon or high renewable share

Increasing User engagement

growth in customers optimizing
for low-carbon charging (Q1, 2024)

Lowering emissions

CO₂ avoided per "green"
optimized charge on average
“We’ve been pleased with the relationship between Electricity Maps and Monta - they have been very helpful from a commercial and a product point of view, and as we’ve been rapidly expanding into new countries they have been there to help us expand our data layer as well.”

Jonathan Tari

Senior Product Manager at Monta

User engagement

In addition to the integration in the SmartCharging algorithms, Electricity Maps data enables Monta to create engaging insights for its users. At the end of each charge, users can review the carbon footprint of each single charging session. By showing the saved carbon emissions of each optimized charge, Monta aims to incentivize users to not only optimize based on price but to opt for a lower carbon footprint.

With targeted analytical insights as well as educational information on climate impact, users are guided toward creating a positive impact. Today, up to a third of all charges on the platform benefit from Electricity Maps data, making it an essential part of Monta’s SmartCharging feature.

Not only does this play an important step in creating awareness but it also enables a large number of users to actively cut their CO2 emissions. Without this partnership, a key differentiation feature would be missed by a large share of Monta’s users.

Expanding companies and data need

Right from the beginning of Monta, they have partnered with Electricity Maps in order to power its SmartCharging feature. Today, close to 100 people across the Monta team are in touch with Electricity Maps data and the API has proven as a very dependable and stable data source. In the future Electricity Maps aims to support Monta’s expansion across new countries and new cutting-edge features to make the transition to electrified mobility as exciting, green, and intuitive as possible. Electricity Maps is happy to be a trusted partner of Monta and to support their exciting journey ahead!

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