Samsung Partners with Electricity Maps to Help Smart Home Users Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

July 13, 2023


3 min.

This partnership enables users to take greater control of their carbon footprint and lower their carbon emissions connected to their use of electricity. 

The smart home provider Samsung announces new features for the app SmartThings Energy. By integrating Electricity Maps data into the SmartThings app, users gain access to real-time information on the use of electricity including energy sources and carbon intensity. 

This enables users to make informed decisions about their energy usage and hereby adapt their behaviors to minimize environmental impact. With a great understanding of the carbon footprint associated with their energy consumption, SmartThings users can take meaningful steps towards sustainable living.

Feature insights

More than 270 million people worldwide use SmartThings to control and manage their SmartHome. The Electricity Maps easy-to-integrate API with worldwide coverage (130+ zones around the world) helped Samsung go the next step beyond energy measurement to account for emissions. Forecasts of electricity carbon intensity provided by Electricity Maps also empower SmartThings Energy users optimize their consumption and behavior to save on carbon emissions. 

These new additions empower people to take more action on their energy use, save money and earn rewards, while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Learn more about Samsung SmartThings Energy here.