Get Free Access to Granular Carbon Emissions Data for Carbon Accounting

February 22, 2023


3 min.

To assess the true impact companies hold on global carbon emissions, companies are required to measure their global carbon footprint as accurately as possible. At Electricity Maps, we believe in the power of granular data and want to empower all companies to do their carbon accounting on an hourly granularity. For this reason, we want to make our data available to everyone. We are happy to announce that we are working on a data portal to enable all companies to access our hourly historical electricity data for free.

Accurately measure emissions to reduce them actively

It has been widely proven that global carbon emissions must be drastically reduced during the upcoming years to fight climate change. In order to remove carbon emissions, everyone must participate and take action. The decarbonization of the electricity grid is a major driver in reducing carbon emissions and, therefore, is at the core of our mission at Electricity Maps. We believe that the capability of accurately measuring emissions is a prerequisite for taking action toward carbon remission. To further support companies in taking action, our historical data will allow companies to accurately measure their carbon footprint on an hourly granularity and take the next step towards reducing emissions.

For more than six years, Electricity Maps has built a track record in providing carbon emission data with global coverage and a high temporal granularity to enable companies to measure their carbon emissions and take tangible action. To make this data accessible to all, Electricity Maps will launch a data portal that will provide free access to historical electricity carbon emission data in easy-to-use formats. By making this actionable data available to all companies, we aim at taking the next step toward democratizing granular accounting. 

The value of hourly carbon accounting

The launch of our data portal will be supported with multiple resources showcasing how granular electricity carbon emission data can be applied to carbon accounting and emissions reduction purposes and the power it holds compared to yearly data. Already today, you can find many resources on carbon accounting on our blog, e.g. our guide on Understanding Scope 2 Attribution Rules comparing different attribution rules. 

At Electricity Maps, we are excited to launch our data portal. We have the ambition to make all necessary data available to perform Scope 2 carbon accounting in a way that represents the underlying physical reality of the electricity grid. Therefore, the data for the previous years will be accessible for free along with the essential resources guiding companies in performing their calculations. If you are interested in receiving fresh historical data and do not want to wait for the publicly available data, we will soon announce a new product offering targeted to real-time carbon accounting. We are planning to launch in Q2 - if you want to know as soon as we have the data, sign up for our newsletter below.

Update, the Data portal is now live! Check out the Data Portal here!